This museum of technical heritage and ethnic culture of the XIX – XX centuries was established by the air sports enthusiast, ultra–light machine-constructor Juozapas Liekis and his wife Vanda in their homestead. Exposition is in the open air.

The exhibition, gathered from Lithuania and foreign countries, shows various produced engines, agricultural machinery, cars and motorcycles, the Lithuanian village craftsmen use tools, household items. You get the opportunity to see very rare mechanisms: nailing machine, the big thresher, mangle, amphibians, blacksmith tools and many other exciting things. Most of the equipment is repaired, restored and still working. Here you will experience the real technical spirit of the XIX-XX century.  You will be introduced and told about the stages of technical development and the principles of operation of various technologies that were used during this period.

For history enthusiasts

All lovers of nature, history and technology will enjoy the experience and find energizing spirit in the enivironment of the museum. You will be surprised by the exposed technology achievements of the XIX-XX century and you will get acquainted with the predecessors of modern technology. You will look at everything through the prism of time persperctive. Here you can experience all the different time periods: the past which we can see, the present with which we can compare and the future which we can only imagine.
There is a 150m long lane for landing and take off next to the homestead, which can be used by small aviation enthusiasts. We offer the exclusive possibility to see the landscape from a bird’s eye view.