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People who want rest and get refreshment use small wings, for the joy it provides, the sensation of flight and the ability to enjoy the scenery every time. Of course , each country uses ultra light flying machines for the specific internal purpose. For example Mexico, Caribbean countries uses small aviation services for tourists who want to look around from on high, shoot or to visit the exotic islands. Indonesia – uses as a taxi and personal transport. In Canada fishermen scans fish fields, experts from African countries from small aircraft counts fauna. The advantages of ultra-light aircraft already assessed geophysics, signal officers, policemen, rescue workers, telephone operators, foresters, oilers, and other professional people. In many countries, small planes and motorized hang gliders are widely used in agricultural work. This is especially true of the United States , Italy, France, Austria.

Juozapas – Romas Liekis one of the pioneers of an ultralight sport in Lithuania. In his sporting career, has won many medals of all colors, all grades of diplomas. Involved not only in Lithuania but also in international competitions. The first and the second member of the TSRS Championship in gliders. Light Aviation of the TSRS creativity competitions, the winner of motor gliders in the classroom.